Marks of Mission:
A Life Transformed by 50 Years in Mission

Douglas E. Wingeier

retired United Methodist missionary
professor emeritus, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Professor Emeritus Doug Wingeier draws on a lifetime of cross-cultural mission experience in both the global South and North to develop an appoach to mission that is biblical, progressive, and tested by experience. Comparing the mission theology of his grandparents in Java, his own in Singapore and Samoa, and that of his son in Latin America, Dr. Wingeier points the way to a comprehensive view of Christian mission that is both personal and social.

After laying out the essential foundations, attitudes, aspects and acts of mission – each biblically based and illuminated by personal anecdotes – Wingeier goes on to describe the “head” of mission as cross-cultural leadership, and its incarnational “heart” as the missional people to whom he dedicates the book. He concludes by summarizing his reflections on scripture and experience in a concise definition of Christian mission for a multicultural millennium.

Marks of Mission is a blueprint of the author’s life in mission and can serve as a ‘how-to’ mission manual for the discerning reader.” – Norma Kehrberg, retired United Methodist missionary

“Through his fascinating, revealing true stories and reflections, Doug has shared his wisdom, passion for people, faith and love of justice.” – Rev. F. Gates Vrooman

“Mission is people and issues, and this book will liberate us from traditional understandings of faith and the missionary enterprise.” – Bishop Yap Kim Hao

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