Marks of Mission
Comments from Advance Readers

     “Douglas Wingeier has provided in this book a much-needed, forward-looking analysis of Christian mission, interweaving deeply rooted Biblical sources, respect for diverse religions and cultures, and a wealth of current experiences in mission. That triad shapes each of a wide range of dynamics found in genuine mission. Finally, Doug's mission work over fifty years around the globe gives life to analysis. It is story woven into action.”

Dr. Richard D. Tholin, emeritus dean and professor of church and society, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

     “Douglas Wingeier is a seminary professor who has stepped out of the classroom to become a participant in the real world of mission. I applaud my former teacher at Trinity Theological College, whose extensive encounters with people and events serve to remind us that the missionary enterprise is about living for Christ in a world that still cries for reconciliation, peace and justice.
     “In a very personal way, Doug shares his rich and yet heartrending experiences which express a spirituality that focuses on authentic Christianity and God’s call to service. I recommend this book to anyone who wishes to understand mission in its fullness, from evangelism to ‘faithfully and lovingly empower persons-in-community to become the persons, communities, and society that God intends them to be.’”

Rev. Dr. Ngoei Foong Nghian, principal, Trinity Theological College, Singapore

     “This is no run-of-the-mill book on mission. There are no graphs, no surveys, no five easy steps to a successful church. It is not primarily a how-to book, but rather a probing discernment of what mission is, an exploration of the dimensions of mission. The exploration of each dimension is richly illustrated from the author’s encounter with persons in mission. The vision of mission is trans-cultural, and biblically and theologically based. The author’s engagement in a multiplicity of missions throughout the world enlarges the reader’s appreciation of the depth and breadth of God’s mission. The probing questions following each chapter provide a basis for stimulating group discussion. A concluding biographical statement underscores the authenticity of the author’s witness.”

Bishop Wayne K. Clymer, former president, Evangelical Theological Seminary

     “Marks of Mission took me on a journey deep into the theology and practice of Douglas Wingeier’s forty-plus years of faithful witness. Experiences unfolding into insights led the author to plunge more deeply into cultures and customs among peoples met in his professional work. Not content to merely observe and comment, the author sought to live more deeply a life of ‘missio dei.’ In Marks of Mission the reader is challenged to examine one’s own actions within the framework of Wingeier’s concluding remarks: ‘Mission is empowering persons-in-community to grow in faith and discipleship to actualize the image of God.’ Though written as a text, with discussion questions at the end of each chapter, Marks of Mission is a blueprint of the author’s life in mission and can serve as a ‘how-to’ mission manual for the discerning reader.”  

Norma Kehrberg, missionary in retired status with the United Methodist General Board of Global Missions 

     “How refreshing it is to have this approach to define the ‘marks of mission.’ Doug has incarnated mission as he describes and reflects on his lifelong missionary service which never seems to end. The marks of mission are highlighted and embodied in his colorful and exciting responses to mission in his own country as well as in Central America, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. It is a book not just about mission but about the missionary himself. Doug has interacted with the people and events of various situations in different countries. In the spirit of humble inquiry he learns first from the context and then only makes his responsible contribution with deep commitment to the cause of God’s mission in the world. Mission is people and issues and this book will liberate us from traditional understandings of faith and the missionary enterprise.”

Bishop Yap Kim Hao, first Asian bishop of the Methodist Church of Malaysia and Singapore; former general secretary of the Churches Conference of Asia

     “Dr. Wingeier utilizes his own lifelong development of the purpose, role accessibility, Scripture and his call (and the Church’s call)  to mission. He shares his growing understanding of ‘mission’ through Scripture, personal life experience, inter-cultural contributions, and how these interactive challenges can enrich a church’s development and contribution. This is a good read that challenges the reader to personally grow, as well as challenging the church to enter into a mutuality of mission and sharing, especially between the so-called ‘developed’ and ‘undeveloped’ world.”

Dr. Ellis L. Larsen, Professor Emeritus, Wesley Theological Seminary; Director Emeritus of the Wesley Course of Study School

     “Dr. Wingeier’s Marks of Mission is both inspiring and extraordinarily helpful in guiding individual believers and congregations in understanding and carrying out faithful Christian mission. This very useful and accessible book is especially effective in the way that the author uses his own life and world wide experience to open the reader’s eyes and heart to the possibilities that are all around us. I think that readers will find Marks of Mission rich in biblical foundation, full of wonderful  story, often touching, and highly motivating.
     “As a former student of Dr. Wingeier, I found this book to be as useful as his Working Out Your Own Beliefs, a resource that has often guided me in church discussion groups. I hope that Marks of Mission will be similarly used in many congregations.”

Judith Crain, life trustee and Master’s degree graduate, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary; former chairperson, Board of Missions, Wisconsin Annual Conference, United Methodist Church

     “I have known Doug Wingeier as the advisor for my doctoral dissertation, as a fellow member of a colleague group, and for over thirty years as a friend. It was Doug who taught me how to eat with chopsticks and how to open up to the insights and customs of other cultures. Doug has always practiced what he preached. His commitment to mission is profound and ongoing. He has a great depth and breadth of experience from over 50 years in the field. 
     “Through his fascinating, revealing true stories and reflections, Doug has shared his wisdom, passion for people, faith and love of justice. Marks of Mission masterfully brings readers into the real world of Christian mission in a way that inspires and informs. He brings to his subject a warm heart, vital faith, thirst for justice, sharp intellect, and immense breadth and depth of experience. I was amazed at how he expanded my feel for the people and issues involved.
     “Doug’s writing is comprehensive, interesting, and insightful. This isn’t just another missionary’s story. In this volume, Dr. Wingeier breaks new ground in missiology. He offers radical new insights into the purpose and practice of mission. I believe Marks of Mission is destined to become a foundational document for the theory and practice of Christian mission in the 21st century.”

Rev. F. Gates Vrooman, retired pastor, Northern Illinois Conference, United Methodist Church, and a Doctor of Ministry graduate

     “As professor of the mission class in the Course of Study program at Wesley Theological Seminary, Doug’s passion for mission was evident in every aspect of his life and teaching. Throughout this book, this quiet and unassuming man outlines his mission philosophy, sharing with enthusiasm and energy his vast wealth of mission and ministry experience which has been gained over half a century of serving God in various settings and cultures.
     “Doug is on fire for the Lord, reminding us that we are called to be stewards of God’s good creation and to live out our connection by entering into each other's worlds and feeling each other's pain, both locally and globally. None of us lives only to ourselves, but rather we are all related as God’s children, affecting each other in all we do.
     “Doug's book forcefully reminds us that, since the mission is God’s and not ours, we must continually ask ourselves, ‘Is what we are doing here empowering persons-in-community to grow in faith and discipleship, and to actualize the image of God in which we are being created?’”

Rev. Dorothy L. Johns, pastor, Emley’s Hill and New Egypt United Methodist Churches (New Jersey); 2006 graduate, Course of Study School, Wesley Theological Seminary

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